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BCH Actuarial Services Inc. was started in 2007. The company was created with the goal of providing excellent and cost effective actuarial and retirement services to its clients. We strive to provide all of our clients with flexible and affordable actuarial services in a timely manner.

Who are we?

Jamie Jocsak, FSA, FCIA

Jamie is the owner of BCH Actuarial Services. Jamie has a degree in pure mathematics and is a qualified actuary. He is a fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, the governing body for actuaries in Canada. He is also a fellow of the Society of Actuaries, which is based in the United States and is the largest actuarial professional organization in the world. Prior to starting BCH Actuarial Services Inc., Jamie worked as an actuarial analyst and then as an actuary for Mercer, one of the largest benefit consulting firms in the world. During his time with Mercer, Jamie worked on the retirement programs of many large and small companies in both the private and public sector as well as the executive retirement programs of some of Canada’s largest companies.

Jamie is certified in collaborative family law, is a member of Collaborative Practice Toronto and can provide information about collaborative family law and assist clients through the process.

Jamie has experience testifying in court as an expert witness.  In addition, Jamie is a member of the Actuarial Evidence Commitee of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, which is involved in the creation and modification of actuarial standards of practice and continuing education for actuarial evidence actuaries in Canada.  Jamie regularily speaks at actuarial conferences and to legal groups on topics related to actuarial evidence.

Bill Jocsak, CMA

Bill provides accounting services for the company, as well as working on various projects and acting in a peer review capacity. Bill has a degree in history and economics and is a certified management accountant. Bill has spent most of his career working in various positions for Dana, a large, multinational, automotive parts manufacturer. Over his career with Dana, lasting more than 30 years, Bill has held many different positions in both the accounting and employee benefit areas. Most recently, Bill has spent almost 15 years as the Vice President in charge of the pension and benefit programs for Dana’s Canadian operations. As a result of his vast experience, Bill has extensive knowledge of many areas in business including pension plans and retirement programs.