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Fees for pension valuation services

Canadian MoneyWe can assist separating couples in dealing with a pension on marriage breakdown. We can value a defined benefit pension, we can determine an appropriate income tax adjustment for all pension assets (defined contribution pensions, RRSPs, locked-in retirement investments, etc), and assist with any other calculations that are required.

An employer provided pension plan is most likely either a defined benefit pension plan, a defined contribution pension plan or a hybrid pension plan that is combination of the two. For hybrid pension plans our fees for a valuation are the same as for a defined benefit pension plan.

If you have a request for a service not mentioned below please contact us.

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Valuation of a defined benefit pension (excluding Ontario family law valuations), including a formal court admissible report.*

$800 plus tax

Calculation of the income tax adjustment (contingent income tax) for pension assets (Ontario family law value, defined contribution pension plan/RRSP/locked-in retirement account).

$200 plus tax

Review of the valuation of a defined benefit pension and commentary.

$250 plus tax

Ontario Family Law Valuation – Valuation to determine the Ontario family law value of pension benefits.  Necessary for federal government pensions, certain federal pensions (i.e. CIBC, Bell Canada) and foreign pensions.  A qualified valuation of the Ontario family law value can be prepared for any pension plan, if requested.*

$650 plus tax

* The income tax adjustment to a member’s defined benefit pension is included as part of the valuation.

Download the forms required to request a pension valuation for an employer provided pension.